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June 9, 2013
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“Your majesty?” You opened the door slightly. “You wanted to see me?” You had been working as a maid in the castle for five years and had been appointed as the King’s personal maid. You found yourself lucky. The King you served was very fair and never raised a hand against you or any of the other maids. You were happy doing your job for your King.

King Ludwig turned to face you as he heard you come in. “Ah (Name) there you are.” His blonde hair was pushed back perfectly and for once he wasn’t wearing his red velvet and gold crown. You spotted the crown sitting on his bedside table and his jacket draped on a near by chair. He was wearing a simple white button up shirt and black pants. Even without his royal attire, he still radiated a sense of control and power. His ice blue eyes swept over you taking in your sort of short maid outfit. They hadn’t had one with a longer skirt when you joined, so you had been stuck with this one. Your cheeks warmed from your King looking at you. You knew you weren’t supposed to have these types of feelings for your King but no matter how many times you told yourself you couldn’t get rid of these feelings. You had fallen for him but you would never say a word. You were not good enough for him.

You curtsied. “What can I do for you my King?” You assumed he called you to draw him a bath like you did every night.

Ludwig took a seat on the edge of his bed. “I’ve had a rather stressful day. I wish for you to ease my tense muscles.” He then started to unbutton his shirt causing your cheeks to burn brighter. Ludwig grinned seeing as how your eyes were glued to his fingers as he undid all the buttons. “You are going to have trouble doing that over there (Name).”

“Oh! Right. Yes sir, sorry sir.” You bowed your head and quickly moved over to him.

Ludwig slipped his shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. You gulped getting a fully look at the muscle torso of your King. He looked like a statue with his perfectly sculpted torso. He was breathtaking. “You should sit behind me. It will be easier for you.” Ludwig’s voice cut into your thoughts.

You nodded. “Yes sir.” You crawled onto the bed and Ludwig licked his lips lightly catching a glance at most of your legs from your kneeled over position. You kneeled behind him. “Where are you stiff sir?”

“All over.” Ludwig’s voice was deeper causing you to shiver. “You may start on my neck and shoulders.”

“Yes sir.” You placed your hand on his shoulders and started to rub circles into the skin with your thumb. Ludwig groaned relaxing against your touch. You continued to rubs his shoulders until you felt the knots relax from his muscles. You then moved to his neck working out the kinks there.

Ludwig rolled his shoulder groaning again. Your cheeks were permanently red from the sounds he was making. “You are very good at this (Name).”

“Thank you, your majesty.” You worked out the kinks out of his neck. Your fingers then rubbed down his back working out any stiff muscles you found there. Ludwig would groan every now and then when you worked out a tight muscle. He’s posture completed relaxed and you found yourself smiling. Your King was always so regale and stiff. He had to show power and couldn’t show any weakness. You felt your heart warm. If your King could show you himself relaxed this much then he must trust you. Nothing could make you happier then to know that he trusted you. You pressed down on a knot on his lower back causing Ludwig to hiss. You quickly removed your hands frowning; there goes your warm feeling. “I-I’m sorry your highness. Did I press down too hard?”

“No, you did nothing wrong (Name). My lower back is just sore.” He looked over his shoulder and gave you a reassuring smile. “Can you please loosen the muscles there?” You nodded. “And ignore any sound I make, alright?”

“Yes your majesty.” You went back to rubbing his lower back. Ludwig hissed once more and then relaxed letting you get rid of the knot there.

“Ah that’s much better.”

“Are you stiff anywhere else sir?”

Ludwig’s back was to you, so you didn’t see the predatory smirk that spread across his lips. “Actually, there is another spot.”

“Where is it sir?” You wanted to do your job well and wanted to be able to help your King.

Ludwig turned and pushed your shoulder suddenly. You blinked as you found yourself sprayed out on Ludwig’s bed and your King kneeling between your legs. “You could use your hands to fix it but I can think of more fun ways to relieve this stiffness.” Ludwig leaned over you his eyes gleaming in a way that made your body burn and a shiver run down your spine.

“Y-your majesty?” You had never seen him act this way before. You were also having a hard time focusing with him on top of you like this. Especially with him being shirtless.

Ludwig grinned leaning closer to you so your lips were only a few inches apart. “You think I haven’t seen how you look at me when you think I’m not looking. You want me don’t you (Name).”

You heart speed up. He knew that you were attracted to him. You were just a maid. You had no right to have these feelings. You might lose your lose your job over this. “I…I…” Your eyes connected with his and you felt your words get caught in your throat.

“Now there’s no need to be so nervous. I’m not angry. I actually love your attention. However, it’s not enough to just watch you anymore. I want you and I will have you.” Ludwig crashed his lips onto your. You gasped in surprise giving him the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. You moaned and your eyes slipped close as his tongue brushed against your own. You felt every one of your nerve endings come to life as he kissed you. You had dreamed of this but never thought that your King would take any interest in you. Ludwig slowly pulled back but kept his face close so his lips brushed yours as he spoke. “I want you to be mine.”

You gulped and managed to get your voice back. “A-as a mistress your highness?”

“No.” Ludwig’s face became serious. “I have too much respect for you for that.” Ludwig kissed your neck and you tilted it to the side to give him better access. “I want you to be my queen.”

You gasped. “B-but your highness, I’m just a maid! I’m not royalty or even nobility!” As much as you loved the idea, you weren’t anyone special. Your King could find a beautiful princess to marry instead of a lowly maid.

“I do not care.” Ludwig placed a hand on your cheek. “I am King, no one gives me order. You are the one I want and I want you if you’ll have me.”

Tears came to your eyes. “Yes, My King, I would happy be yours.”

Ludwig kissed you lightly. “Ludwig. If you’re going to be my queen then you should call me by my name.”

“Alright you’re…Ludwig.”

Ludwig shivered. “Say it again.”

You tilted your head slightly. “Ludwig.” Ludwig groaned and slammed his lips back on yours. You moaned kissing him back.

Ludwig slowly pulled back. “I love hearing you say my name.”

“I’ll say it whenever your want then.”

Ludwig grinned. “I rather hear you scream it.” Ludwig’s hand slid up your leg and under your skirt. “Let’s see how loud you can be.” Ludwig founded out how loud you could be that night, along with the rest of the castle.

A story about the hard working German we all love

Please don't reprint/repost anywhere or ask to write more to this story. Thank you.
Germany & Hetalia © Hidekazu Himaruya

Story/Fanfiction © :icon13youko:
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I simply loved this! Your writing style is pretty neat and organized, so it was a pleasure to read. I don't think I found any grammar or spelling mistakes, another well done!

Vision and technique:
The story telling was very nice. :3 And again, I love your writing style and how you describe things. I find Germany hard to write for, but you nailed his character! :iconyeahplz:

I know it's hard to find a prompt that hasn't already been taken, but I've seen many prompts similar to yours. Don't worry though, yours still had that "spark" that most don't. ((no offence to any other writer)) ^^

It didn't really leave me fangirling after I read it. I still enjoyed it though.
; v ;

I hope to see more of your reader inserts in the near future! <*>w<*>
What do you think?
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-fangasms- Awesome. Just,keep up the awesome work! I really want to see more of this! :)

I really loved this and I hopw you qould make another one.

The way you made it was like you actually was there,experiencing it!

You made me have a nosebleed,actually.
I really LOVE Ludwig,so I get really happy when I see good fanfiction of him.

I sent this to my cousins (I hope you don't mind) so that they could read it.
They, also being Germany fangirls, really loved this story.

I'm pretty sure that all the future readers out there will be delighted too.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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"Ludwig hissed"

Why do I suddenly imagine him hissing like a cat ? XD
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I was like "Wait, he hissed?! I thought this was King Germany, not Neko Germany!" No seriously!
Flying-Dutchmann Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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