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December 22, 2012
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"What the heck are you guys doing here?!"  Ichigo yelled jumping up from his seat and gasping at six familiar people standing at the door to his class.  His classmate and fellow substitute soul reaper, (Name) , look up from her notebook.

Your eyes widen as you spot the group.  "Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, Rukia and Toshiro!  Hi!"

"That's Captain Hitsugaya!"  Toshiro said as a vein appeared on his forehead.

"Answer me!"  Ichigo yelled.  "What are you guys doing here?"

"We're on a mission."  Renji answered.  "We were sent here to help the Deputy Soul Reapers prepare for a battle with the arrancars."  Ichigo and Renji started argueing because Ichigo didn't reconigize the name arrancar.  
It was then that you noticed everyone was staring.  "Um, maybe we should…"  Rukia then rushed forward hitting Ichigo in the forehead knocking his soul reaper self out. They then disappeared.  "…finish this later."  You sighed.  You were then bombaded with questions about the group.

"'Do you know these guys (Name)?!' 'There an odd group!' 'Look at that red head and bald guy!'"

Ikkaku twitched and drew a wooden sword.  "Who are you calling bald?"

"Calm down Ikkaku!" Renji yelled.

"(Name)!"  Rangiku yelled as she flew over and hugged you tightly.  You face was captured in her huge chest.  "I missed you so much!"

You gagged.  "Can't….breath…!"

Rangiku releases you from her hold and rubs the back of her head.  "Oops sorry (name)."

You took a deep breath refilling your lungs.  "It's okay Rangiku."  You smiled.  "I missed you too."

Renji smirked.  "I never knew you were go weak (Name), couldn't just break out of her hold."

You stuck your tongue out at him.  "Your just jealous."

Renji raises an eyebrow.  "Of what?"

"Oh not being the first one to hug me."  You held your arms out.

Renji looked away and scoffed.  "As if."  Your smile grew, you loved riling him up.

"(Name)," you turned to face Orihime who called your name, "call is about to start."

"Oh your right.  Thanks Orihime."  You look back at the group.  "Well if you guys are going to stay you better take your seats." You walked over and took your own seat.  The others spread out and took their own seat.  

You bit your lip as Renji took the empty seat behind you.  You could feel his eyes on the back of your head and it made you could feel yourself become more and more nervous.  The truth was you've had a crush of Renji for some time now, by now it had become full blown love.  You refused to say anything though you didn't know how Renji felt about you.  You knew Renji at least liked you as a friend, but you didn't want to ruin anything.

The day seemed to drag on worse then normal.  Ichigo arrived half way though the day in a better mood then he was this morning.  Finally the last bell rang signaling the end of the day.  The students bowed to the teacher and then started to pack up their things.  You stood and grabbed your bag.

"Your coming to Urahara's right?" Renji asked from behind you holding his bag over his shoulder.  During lunch, it was decided that everyone would go to Kisuke Urahara's shop to talk about the plan for the arrancars.
You nodded.  "Yes I'm going."

Renji's shoulders fell a bit.  "So you'll be fighting…?"

"Yeah, why?"

Renji was about to answer when Ichigo yelled.  "Hurry up you two!"

"We're coming strawberry!" Ichigo growled.  "Let's go."  Renji walks past you over to the others.  You wondered what Renji was going to say, but shrugged it off and rush over to them.  The walk to Kisuke was filled with discussion about the upcoming fight.
"The Soul Society is very worried about this."  Toshiro commented.  "And after Cap…Aizen's betrayal, the Soul Society is still busy cleaning up the mess."

"But isn't it harder now that they've sent you guys here?"  You asked tilting your head a bit.

"They had to send someone.  The Soul Society couldn't allow the arrancars to invade the human world."  Renji answered from next to you.  "Rukia and I were chosen because we've been here before.  The other volunteered for the job."

"Of course we did."  Ikkaku said smirking.  "This is going to be a great fight.  I would miss it for anything."  You chuckled to his enthusiasm and arrived at Kisuke's shop.  Everyone entered the shop and with quick hellos, everyone sat around the table.  A long discussion then started about the arrancar started.  It took a few hours for everything to be covered and then another topic came up.

"Where the hell are you guys going to stay while you're here?"  Ichigo asked scanning the group of Soul Reapers.

"I'm staying in my old room."  Rukia said calming nodding her head.

"You mean my closet…"

"I asked Orihime today.  Captain and I are staying with her!"  Rangiku cheered with a big smile.

"Can Ikkaku and I stay here Kisuke?"  Yumichika asked.

"If you don't mine sharing a room, we only have one free."

"No w…!"

Yumichika cut Ikkaku off.  "Thank you Kisuke."  Ikkaku growled.

Renji sighed and ran his fingers though his hair.  "Where does that leave me then?"

Rangiku smirked.  "Why don't you stay with (Name)?"  You blushed, of course Rangiku knew about your crush on the red head.  "She lives alone, so she has enough room for a house guest."

Renji looked over at you, your blush has faded to a slightly pink hue.  "Is that okay with you (Name)?"

You nodded.  "Yeah that's fine with me.  I have plenty of room."

Kisuke clapped his hands smiling.  "Well now that's all set!  So let's all get a good nights sleep, we'll need it for the days ahead."  Everyone got up and left the shop.  With small good byes, everyone went off their separate ways.  You and Renji started your walk to your house.

"Thanks for letting me stay with you Name)."

You waved your hand at him.  "It's no problem Renji, like Rangiku said I have plenty of room."  You looked up.  "That's my house over there."  You pointed to a nice two story house about a block away.

Renji nodded.  "Nice house."

"Thanks."  You walked up to the door and pulled out your keys.  You opened the door and stepped inside taking your shoes off.  Renji followed you in removing his own shoes at the door.  "I have a spare room upstairs you can use.  It's the second door on the left."

Renji nodded.  "Thanks again."

"I told you Renji, it's no problem."

"I think I'm going to go rest for a bit" Renji said streching his arms over his head.  "I haven't had a chance to for a while."

"Go right ahead.  I have a lot of homework I have to do anyway."

"Wake me before dinner," Renji smirked, "shrimp."

You twitched a bit.  "As you wish, Pineapple."

Renji growled.  "Pineapple?!"

You smiled.  "Yes Pineapple."

"Don't call me that!"

"Oh you don't want to be called Pineapple."  You shot forward and grabbed the tie that kept Renji's hair in place.  "There you go, now I can't calll you that!"

"(Name)!"  Renji whipped around and glared at you.  His long hair now falling in front of his face.  You felt your cheeks get a little warm, he looked so attractive then.  "I'm going to get you for that!"

"Let's see you try."  You turned and went flying up your stairs.  You could hear Renji's footsteps behind you, easily keeping up.  You took a sharp turn and ran into your room.  You threw your bag and spun around to close the door, but Renji was already there pushing on the door.

"You know you can't beat me in strength (Name)." Renji smirked pushing against the door.  You could feel your feet slide back a bit unable to hold him off.  You cursed under your breath and tried to push back, but with no luck.  Renji gave one final push sending you stumbling back and fall back on your bed.  Renji wasted no time in rushing in and pins you down so you couldn't try to run away.  "Now give it back (Name)!"

You giggled holding it up over your head.  "No way!"

"Give it back!"

"No!  You look hotter this way!" You blushed when you realized what you had just said.

Renji blinked staring done at you.  "What?"

You looked away still blushing.  "I like your hair better down."

"(Name)?"  You bit your lip refusing to meet his eyes.  All this time you hid your feelings and now you go and blurt out something like that.  "(Name), look at me."  You still refused to look at him.  Renji gently took your chin and turned your head so you were looking right at him.  "(Name)." Renji thumb gently rubbed your jaw.  "Did you mean that?"

You took a deep breath, too late to back down now.  "Yes I meant it Renji.  Renji, I…I like, no that's not right," you took another deep breath, "Renji, I love you.  I have for a while now."

"(Name), I…"

You shook your head letting your bangs cover your eyes to hide the forming tears.  "No it's okay Renji.  I know that there's no way you would feel the same."  You laughed sadly.  "I knew it, but I needed to get it off my chest.  Let's just forget…"  You were cut off as Renji's lips slammed on your own.  Your eyes widened, before then they slowly closed as you kissed him back.  Your arms wrapped around his neck and you tangled your fingers into his hair.  You were in pure heaven, one you thought that you would never experience.  

Renji slowly pulled back and places his forehead on your forehead.  "I don't want to forget."


Renji kissed you softly.  "I love you too (Name) and I'm never going to let you go."

You smiled and a single tear slid down your cheek.  "I never want you to."

"Perfect."  Renji leaned down and kissed you again.  There might be a huge war in the near future, but you knew you could survive it.  You refused to lose now that you finally got what you always wanted.  You finally had the man of your dreams.

A story about the beloved tattooed red head lieutenant

Please don't reprint/repost anywhere or ask to write more to this story. Thank you.
Renji Abarai & Bleach © Tite Kudo

Story/Fanfiction © :icon13youko:
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renji: (opens laptop and reads it)
RO: (peeks throw crack in her door)(blush)
renji: do you?
RO: do I what?
renji : (takes off the tie) do you like me?
ro: (blushes madly)n-no......m-maybe.....yes.
renji : (pins her to bed)
ro *squeak* what are you doing?
renji: I love u too.
ro : (blushes  like 4 new shades of red)
renji : *kiss*
RO: *blacks out*
13Youko Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
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