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April 27, 2013
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The young master of the house sat behind his desk looking at the paperwork in front of him. His eye patch covered his right eye leaving only his left deep blue eye visible. He sighed and reached for his tea cup taking a drink of the Earl Gray tea. The tall butler with raven black hair walked over to the desk.

“Is something wrong young master?” Sebastian asked looking down at his master with his red eyes. His eyes could clearly see the tension in his master’s shoulders and how he gripped his tea cup too hard.

Ciel groaned releasing his tea cup. “It seems we’re getting a new servant.” He leaned back in his chair rubbing his forehead.

“A new servant sir?” Granted the ones they had were useless and caused Sebastian to have to do more work to keep everything running in the mansion. However, they weren’t kept for their abilities to clean. A new servant may not have the same abilities that the others had.

“My aunt is insisting on it. She refuses to let Liz come here with only one maid in the house. So she is sending one over.”

“Do you know anything about her sir?”

“Nothing, just her name, (Name).” Just then the bell rang for the front door. “I suppose that will be her. Go get the door Sebastian.”

Sebastian bowed. “Yes master.” He then turned and walked out of the room. He was not looking forward to this. Another servant he would have to baby sit. Didn’t he have enough to do around here? Sebastian opened the front door. “Yes? May I help you?” Standing on the door step was a young woman dressed in a maid outfit, behind her was a single brown suitcase.

You bowed at the waist. “Hello sir. My name is (Name), I’m the new maid.” You stood up and looked at the man that had opened the door. He was dressed in a butler’s outfit that was immaculate; there wasn’t even a stray hair on his attire. What stood out the most were his red eyes glowing from the black bangs that fell slightly on his face. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Sebastian looked you over from head to toe. You looked like any normal girl, not like the rest of the social outcast that worked at the mansion. How boring. “I am Sebastian, the head butler.” He moved to the side lightly. “Please come in.” You bowed your head and went to pick up your suitcase. “I will get that for you miss.”

“Oh thank you.” You walked into the mansion and looked around the large entry way. It was breathing taking, there was a stair case right in front of you that split off to the right and left leading to the second floor. Several doors dotted the walls on the first floor. This place was massive.

Sebastian stepped up and placed your suitcase at the base of the stairs. “I will have the other maid bring your bag to your room. For now, the young master wants to meet you.” You nodded. “Follow me.” Sebastian headed up the stair case and you followed behind him. He led you up to the second floor and down the long hallway to a larger door at the end of the hall. “This is the young masters study, if you are very asked to come here make sure to knock first.”

“Of course. I’ve served for many years sir, I know the basics.” You said slightly insulted by him treating you like a child.

“Good that will save some time.” Sebastian knocked on the door twice.

“Come in.” A young voice called from inside the room. Sebastian opened the door and held it open for you. You slipped into the room and bowed to the young man sitting behind the deck. He looked like a child, but the look in his eye showed that he had been though a lot and deserved to be treated as an adult. He leaned his chin on his hand resting his elbow on the desk and looked you over. “So you’re the maid my aunt insisted I take in?”

“Yes sir. I do apology for any inconvenience my coming here has caused you and the rest of the house hold.”

“My aunt should be the one apologizing not you. However, I know that it will be more trouble to deny her request then to accept them. So you may stay. I am your master now, Ciel Phatomhive. You will call me master or sir, understand?”

You inclined your head to him. “Yes sir. I will work hard to be of use to you and not to cause you any trouble.”

“Good.” Ciel looked past you to Sebastian who was standing by the door way. “Sebastian, I leave you in charge of her. Teach her everything she needs to know and makes sure she knows it.”

Sebastian forced a smile and bowed. “Yes young master.” He looked over at you. “Come with me.” He led you out of the room and that’s how you got your start at the Phatomhive mansion.

That had been almost four months ago. Since then you had learned everything you needed to about the mansion. You knew when the young master got up, ate, how he dealt with his guests and how he ran investigations for the queen. You didn’t know the details on his investigations, only Sebastian got to go with him. You had become close to everyone in the house and felt like they were family. Finny was a cute younger brother that had way too much energy. Mey-Rin was a clumsy, but sweet sister. You two were the only girls in the mansion so you both grew very close. Then there was Bardroy, who was a mess in the kitchen, but was always there to cheer the rest of you up. Ciel was strict, but seemed to have a kind heart that he kept hiding from the world.

Lastly, Sebastian. You felt your cheeks get warm just at the thought of the mysterious head butler. He was amazing. He was able to do all of his tasks so quickly and took care of everyone else. However, what drew you to him was when you stumbled across him in the backyard. You had been going to find, but instead found Sebastian kneeling on the ground petting a cat. Your heart had melted seeing how much he cared about the cat. He always seemed to separate himself from everyone else, you had started to think he didn’t have a nice side, but you were happy to find you were wrong. After that you started to pay more attention to him and found yourself becoming more and more interested in him until just his name could make you blush.

Today, the young master and Sebastian were out investigating and wouldn’t be back for a few days. You had finished your duties of cleaning at sunset and made your way to the kitchen where the others were so you could all have dinner. You got to the bottom of the stairs and froze when you fainting hear the sound of a gun cocking. You dived to the ground just as the windows exploded from a hail of bullets. Once the gun fire stopped, you carefully sat up. What was going on?

“(Name)!” Finny ran over to you quickly and kneeled next to you. “Are you okay?”

You nodded. “Yes I am okay.” You looked back at what was left of the window. “We’re under attack.”

“Yeah!” Finny pulled your sleeve. “You should go to your room and lock the door! The others and I will take care of them.”

You smiled at him. “Thanks for the offer Finny, but,” you lifted your skirt up to your thighs were two long daggers were strapped, “I’ve been itching for a chance to prove myself.” You popped the straps holding the blades in place and stood up holding a blade in each hand. “I’ll take the perimeter. You guys protect the mansion and make sure no one gets in.”

Finny blinked. “(Name)? You can fight?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t have been sent here if I couldn’t hold my own. Now I’ll take the outside. I’ll finish this soon, I’m getting hungry.” You walked to the front door and kicked them open before running out into the night to deal with the unwanted guests. Everything ran smoothly and you and the others were able to get rid of the intruders. Everything seemed fine. That is until Ciel came home and saw what was left of the mansion.

Ciel tried to keep his face neutral, but was failing badly. “So you protected the mansion…” Ciel pointed at the ruins of the mansion. “You call that protecting?!” The left side of the mansion had been burnt from Bardroy’s flamethrower, most of the windows had been destroyed and several statues were broken from Finny throwing them.

“We kept them out of the mansion master!” Finny said not seeming to realize that Ciel was angry. “(Name) was amazing too master!”

Ciel turned his attention to you raising an eyebrow. “Oh?” He seemed to doubt what Finny said. Sebastian stood behind Ciel and looked at you closely; his eyes seemed to flash a pinkish red for a moment.

“Yeah! Look!” Finny grabbed your skirt and yanked it up.

Sebastian quickly covered Ciel’s eye. “Finny, that is highly inappropriate and rather rude to Miss (Name).”

Finny titled his head innocently. “I just wanted to show the young master (Name)’s weapon.” He had only lifted your skirt enough so one of the blades could be seen. “See?”

Sebastian removes his hand from Ciel. “You should warn the young master before doing something like that.”

Finny rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”
Ciel ignored him and looked at the blade strapped to your leg and then up to you. “So you can fight.”

You bowed your head. “Yes sir. It was one of the reasons I was chosen to serve you.”

“Seems my aunt is smarter then I give her credit for.” Ciel commented. He looked back at Sebastian. “Help me get ready for bed then tomorrow get all of this fixed.” He looked back at the rest of you. “Good job I guess. Go get some rest; you can start cleaning up tomorrow.

You bowed. “Thank you master.” Everyone went inside and got ready for bed. You put on your night gown and rested your blades against the wall next to your bed so you could grab them quickly if you needed them. You lay down in your bed and stretched out, your muscles a bit sore from the fight. Soon after you lay down there was a knock on your door. You groaned lightly and sat up. “Come in.”

The door opened revealing Sebastian. “I hope I did not wake you.” You blushed a bit; you were lying on your bed in just a night gown after all.

You shook your head. “No I was just relaxing and stretching out my sore muscles. Is something wrong?”

Sebastian shut the door and walked over to your bed looking at your blades. “I am rather surprised you can fight.”

“I guess I do a good job hiding that fact.”

Sebastian nodded. “It does make you even more interesting.”

You blushed more. “Excuse me?”

Sebastian turned to face you grinning. “You didn’t think I noticed you watching me, how you saw me outside with my feline friend?”

Your eyes widened a bit. “Y-you knew I saw?”

Sebastian took a step towards you. “Yes and you intrigued me.” He placed his hands on your bare legs and bent down so his face was close to yours. “You were always so calm and collected, even with the chaos the others brought. You even fixed their mistakes without being asked.” Sebastian rubbed your leg lightly causing your face to explode red. “And I saw you feeding my little friend outside when the young master was keeping me busy.” Sebastian leaned closer. “Let me thank you for that.” He then slammed his lips on yours. You gasp in surprise allow his tongue to invade your mouth. Your eyes slip closed as you moaned softly. Sebastian put a hand behind your head kissing you hard. You gripped onto his jacket to keep yourself from falling. Sebastian pulled back, but kept his mouth close to yours. “I wanted you before, but now I know I must have you.”


“You don’t get to argue.”

You kissed him softly. “I wasn’t planning to.”

Sebastian smirked. “Good.” He pulled your hands from his jacket before sliding it off and tosses it on the chair in the corner. “Now,” he pushed you making you fall back onto the bed. Sebastian climbed on top of you straddling your hips. You looked up at him your cheeks burning. “I believe you said your muscles were stiff my lady?” You nodded. “Then allow me to help relax your muscles.” He slipped off the strap of your nightgown kissing your shoulder. You moaned tilting your head back. “I’ll help you loosen up. I am one hell of a butler after all.” And he did help you relax, all night long and several nights a week.

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This was a wonderful story. And to tell you the truth I read the 'Ciel groaned and released his teacup' in the most wrong way possible. *facepalm*

There were just a few things I didn't quite 'like' I felt as if the story was a bit rushed in the middle but it wasn't intolerable it just felt a bit weird to me I guess you could say.

I like how you can still incorporate Sebastian's personality at the end without it being too weird.

I think that's all really, like I said the middle seemed a little rushed and I found the reader a bit Mary Sue-ish, I don't know how but I was just getting a bit of the vibes.

Truly a wonderful story, would love to see a sequel to this.
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Wow!!!! i love it
i love black butler
i love how u made it flowy and it wanted me to reed more
i love how you took so much time writing it
i love the butler
i love how u r creative about it
and how it caught my attention
how u make people want to read more
i cant wait til u make another one cuz that was so good
it made my heart race at the end
you are a good writer and you have a very good imagaition too
well done and we want more of it
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jesus. i'd flip over the table by chapter 3 if there was no porn yet. no, probally at 2. XD
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CJ is actually an 'Angelic Demon', as Sebby calls it.

But she's still neko and futa with teh tentacles.

CJ is an Angel and a Demon.

And Sebby, Ciel, Alois, Finny, Claude and Grell love her.
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