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May 11, 2012
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"Youko, get your ass back here!" You yelled chasing the silver haired demon down the stairs, your hair whipping around you. Your matching fox ears were flattened against your skull as you chased the fox thief.

The male fox demon in question, laughed. "Come and get me (Name)!"

The black haired bat demon of the team poked his head out from the kitchen as the two fox demons rushed by him. He quickly grabbed his hat to keep it from flying off. "I better save her, before she catches him." He grumbled to himself. Kuronue took off after you two and, thanks to his wings, he was able to catch up with you both. Kuronue grabbed you under your arms and lifted you into the air.  

You fought against his hold as Youko disappeared into the forest. "Kuronue, put me down!"

"(Name) calm down or I'll end up dropping you."  

You glanced down and saw that Kuronue had flown pretty high up so you stopped struggling. You might be a demon, but a fall from this high would defiantly hurt you. "Alright Kuronue, I'm calm. Please put me down."

Kuronue starts lowering you both down to the ground. "So what did Youko do this time?"

You growled your ears pressing back down. "He peaked in on me while I was changing!" Your tail twitched as you remembered what happened earlier.

You had just finished with your shower and had exited the bathroom, which thankfully was attached to your bedroom. A billow of steam floated out of the bathroom into the bedroom as you opened the door. You had a towel wrapped tightly around your body and another towel in your hand as you rubbed your hair dry. After you got your hair pretty dry, you grabbed your hair brush and started to comb your hair. You then dropped the towel to the ground and put on a matching pair of underwear. As you reached for the pair of pants you had pulled out from your closet, you failed to notice the bedroom door behind you. You slipped your pants on and reached for the shirt. You put your arms though the holes and were about to put your head into the collar when you heard the door creak behind you.

Your head whipped towards the door and you saw a pair of gold eyes staring at you. You yelped, feeling your face get hot. "Youko! How long have you been there?!"

Youko smirked.  "I have to say I like the matching panties and bra, (Name)."

You felt your face get hotter. "Youko!" You quickly slid the shirt on over your head and turned to him glaring. "I'll kill you!"

"Catch me if you can!" Youko took off.

"Youko get your ass back here!" You chased after him.

"So that's what happened." Kuronue placed you back on the ground. "Still you shouldn't kill him."

"Kuronue this isn't the first time! He's always doing stuff like this!"  

Kuronue smirked. "Maybe he likes you."

You felt yourself blush and looked away so he wouldn't notice. "Don't be stupid. Youko is just a pervert."

"That's not true." You looked back at Kuronue. "Youko doesn't act like this to anyone else. Only you."

You rolled your eyes. "Oh that makes me feel better. So he's only perverted around me."

Kuronue leaned down in whispered in your ear. "He acts like that because he loves you. You pay attention to him when he's like that." Kuronue stood up straight. "Think about it." He then turned and walked back into the hideout leaving you alone in the courtyard. 

You bit your lip. "That's can't be." You decided to take a walk though the forest to clear your thoughts. "Kuronue couldn't be right, could he?" 

"No, no there's no way. Youko couldn't be in love with me." You came to a small lake. It was so deep in the forest that no body who didn't know about it would come across it. You walked over to the lake and sat on one of the rocks that rested on it bank. You leaned back on the rock letting your feet skim over the water. You closed your eyes trying to clear your head. It almost worked, but suddenly a vision of you and Youko kissing passed over your eyes. You gasped sitting up, your face was bright red. "No way, why did I think about that?" You pulled your knees up to your chest and rested your forehead against them. "Stupid Kuronue. It's his fault." You decided to head back to the hideout. You feared that the longer you stayed out here, the more of a chance these weird thoughts would continue. You hopped up from the rock and walked back to the hideout. When you arrived you found Youko and Kuronue in the living room standing over a blueprint of a castle.

Kuronue looked up at you as you entered. "(Name) come here, we have a new job."

You walked over and glanced at the blueprints. "Sumni Castle? What are we looking for there?"

"There is a large treasure room here." Youko pointed to one of the rooms. You looked over at him and the thought of you two kissing passed through your head again causing you to blush.  

"(Name) are you listening?"  Kuronue asked. You quickly looked away from Youko and nodded.

"Are we going to pull this job tonight?" You asked sweeping your eyes over the blueprints trying to memorize everything.

"Is that a problem?" Youko asked.

"Nope. I'm glad, I've been bored lately." At least that's what you told the boys. Really, you just need a distraction from the images that kept coming to mind after what Kuronue had said.

"Good. We leave in an hour, so go get ready."

You nodded and rushed upstairs to your room. You finished getting ready and grabbed your sword from its stand by the wall. You slide it onto your side and walked down the stairs to the living room where Youko and Kuronue were waiting for you. "You guys ready?"

"We have been." Youko smirked. "Why do girls always take so long?"

A vein appeared on your forehead. "Youko."

"Let's go."  Kuronue said cutting in before you could do anything.  "We are on a time schedule."

"Fine then we better get going." You walked past the boys, who followed after you. Once the three of you were outside, you started running. "How many guards will be there?"

"Two at the three doors." Youko answered. "Each of us will take a door and work our way into the treasure room." The three of you stopped a few miles from the castle. You could faintly make out two of the guards guarding the door. "Kuronue take the east door, (Name) take the south and I'll take the west." The three of you jumped apart heading to your doors. You rushed to the south door drawing your sword silently. You appeared behind one of the guards and quickly slit his throat before he could spot you. The body fell away from you to the ground. The other guard was about to scream, but you slammed your hand over his mouth and slit his throat before he could make a sound. The guard soon joined his friend on the ground.  

"Too easy." You mumbled pushing the large metal doors open. No alarm, no more guards. A clear shot. You bolted down the hall without any difficulty. You finally came across the treasure room and slid in before anyone saw you. The room shined with gold, silver and jewelry of all sizes, making your eyes sparkle. You rushed around the room collecting as much as you can into the duffle bag that you had slung across your back. Soon the bag was full, but the boys were no where to be found. "Where can they be?" The door suddenly slammed open and two figures rushed inside and shut the door. You fingered your sword until you recognized who it was. "Youko? Kuronue?" The boys turned to look at you.

"(Name), are you alright?" Youko asked.

You tilted your head. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"With all those guards out there, we were worried." Kuronue answered.  

You finally noticed that the boys were covered in cuts and gasped. "Are you two alright? You're all cut up."

"We'll be fine. Let's just fill these bags." Youko said pulling his bag from his back.

"I'll watch the door. My bag's full." You walked over to the door and listened for any noise outside while the boys filled their bags.

"Damn it! Where is it?" You heard Youko curse to himself

"What are you looking for? Come on Youko we got to go!" Kuronue argued.

"I'm not leaving until I find it!"

You heard guards yelling to check the treasure room from somewhere near by. "Guys they're coming!"


"You both get out of here! I'll catch up with you!"

You turned to Youko, who was searching though a pile of gold. "Are you crazy?! We're not leaving without you!"

Youko turned to look at you. "Just go  It will easier to catch us all, if we're all together!"  

"I'm not going to leave you here alone!" You argued.

Youko looked over at Kuronue. "Kuronue, please get her out of here."

Kuronue sighed. "Fine Youko, but you better make it back alive."

"I will." Youko turned back to the pile and started digging again. Meanwhile Kuronue rushed over to you and threw you over his shoulder.

"Kuronue! Let me go!" You hit Kuronue in the back as he threw open the door and rushed out. You could hear the faint sound of footsteps running down the halls. "Kuronue put me down! We can't leave him here! Youko!" You shut your eyes tightly as they filled with tears. "Youko!" You silently cried on Kuronue's shoulder the whole way back to the hideout. When you got back, Kuronue placed you on the couch and removed your sword and treasure bag. You silently stared at your lap; your tears had run dry.


"Why Kuronue?"  You looked up at him with your now dull blue eyes.  "Why did we have to leave him?"


You cut him off. "We should have stayed with him!"

"(Name)!" Kuronue slapped you. You gasped as your head whip to the side. You placed your hand on the cheek that Kuronue hit and looked at him. "I'm sorry (Name), but you were getting hysterical." Kuronue kneeled down in on the floor in front of you. "Come on (Name), this is Youko we're talking about. He'll be fine. He'll be back peaking on you dressing before you know it."

"You're right." You smiled faintly. "You want to know something funny?"

"What's that?"

You looked down at your lap playing with your hands. "It took all of this for me to realize how I feel about Youko."

Kuronue smiled at something behind you, but you didn't notice because you were still looking down. "And what is that?"

"I'm in love with him."

"Well that's good to hear." A voice behind you said.

You gasped whipping your head around staring at the doorway of the hideout... "Youko!"

Youko waved. "Honey I'm home."

"Youko!" You jumped up from the couch and ran over to him hugging him almost knocking him off his feet. Neither you nor Youko noticed Kuronue slid out of the room. "You're alright!" You hit his back not wanting to pull away from the hug. "Never do that again!"

Youko placed the bag on treasure down next to the door and hugged you back. "I'm sorry to worry you." Youko dug for something in his pocket. "I have something for you."

You slowly pulled away from the hug, but stayed close to Youko. "Something for me?"

"Yep and it took forever to find in there." Youko pulled a necklace out of his pocket. Your eyes widen as you looked at the necklace with the gold chain and a medium size ruby in the center that was shaped like a heart.

"Youko it's beautiful."

Youko walked behind you and placed the necklace around your neck. The ruby rested just below your collar bone. "I'm glad you like it."

"Wait," you turned around to look at him, "you risked getting caught, just to get this for me?"

Youko shrugged. "They say you do stupid stuff when you're in love."

You smiled leaning up and kissing Youko gently on the lips. "I love you Youko."

"I love you too, but," Youko pulled you closer, "I'm not letting you get away with that lame kiss."  Youko pulled you flush against his body and kissed you. It was a heated kiss filled with suppressed longing. Youko licked your lips for entrance, but you decided to tease him and refuse. This didn't stop Youko, he slip his hand down your back to your behind and gave it a squeeze. You gasped in surprise and Youko took the opportunity to slip into your mouth exploring every nook and cranny. Sadly the need for air made itself known soon after and you two had to pull away. Youko, however, wasted no time and started to kiss down your neck. When he got to the spot between your neck and shoulder, a small moan escaped your lips. Youko smirked against your skin and sucked on the spot.

"Y...Youko." You gasped. 

Youko pulled back to look you in the eye. "(Name) will you be my mate?"

You smiled. "Of course Youko, there's nothing I want more."

"Will see about that later tonight." Youko smirked when you blushed. Youko then went make to your soft spot and bit down on it. You gasped in pain and pleasure clutching onto his shoulders. Youko slowly withdrew his teeth and licked the blood away. 

When he was finished you kissed his neck searching for his spot. You kissed one spot on his neck and Youko groaned. You smirked biting down on the spot leaving your mark on him. He was yours now and no one was going to take him away from you. You licked away the blood. "There, all done. You're mine now."

"That's my line." Youko swept you off your feet and picked you up bridal style. "Now let's go have fun. I'll show you something you'll like even more." Youko carried you up to his room where you spent the rest of the night. And you know what he was right, that night was better then anything you ever experienced.

A fanficftion I wrote a while ago with Youko Kurama and the Reader.

Please don't reprint anywhere or ask to write more to this story. Thank you.
Youko Kurama, Kurama & Preview Picture Yoshihiro Togashi

Story/Fanfiction :icon13youko:
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